CONCURRENT SESSION 1: Addressing Congestion

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Easing Sydney’s Congestion – developing a road network for tomorrows Sydney Presenter(s): Steven Head Organisation: Roads and Maritime Services
Does road traffic congestion drive PT usage and how should we respond when major projects shift the balance. Presenter(s): Doug Weir, Andrew King, Mark Apeldoorn Organisation: The Hills Shire / Traffic Design Group
Methodology and Learnings from Calculating the Cost of the Causes of Congestion Presenter(s): David Johnston & Kath Johnston Organisation: Intelligent Transport Services
Disruptions on Road Networks: Impact on traffic characteristics Presenter(s): Kasun Wijayaratna & Kenneth Lam Organisation: University of New South Wales / Laing O'Rourke



Impacts of Automated Vehicles - Guidance for Australian and New Zealand Road Authorities Presenter(s): Stuart Ballingall & Scott Benjamin Organisation: Austroads and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Queensland’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Pilot Projects Presenter(s): Miranda Blogg, Kathy Boddington, Ben Ellis, Geoff McDonald, Andrew Somers Organisation: Queensland Transport and Main Roads
Smart Work Zones – New ways of communicating with road users and managing work sites Presenter(s): Henry Okraglik, Tom Dabic. Scott Benjamin, Justin Lu Organisation: WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff and VicRoads
The Future Development of Traffic Signals and the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles Presenter(s): Graeme Pattison


CONCURRENT SESSION 7: Land Use Traffic and Parking

Traffic generation rates for high density residential developments - understanding the issues Presenter(s): Josh Milston Organisation: Arup
Activity Centre Parking Demand; a Novel Forecasting Model, its Applications and Extensions Presenter(s): Jacob Martin Organisation: Cardno
Mona Vale Town Centre - Balancing Place Making and Traffic Engineering Presenter(s): Andrew Morse Organisation: Parking and Traffic Consultants
Trip Generation Study of Drive-through Coffee Outlets Presenter(s): Brian Schapel Organisation: Bitzios Consulting Presenter(s): Andrew Morse Organisation: Parking and Traffic Consultants


CONCURRENT SESSION 10: Traffic Management

Traffic Planning for Unanderra town centre - Who’s Running This Show? Presenter(s): Mark Apeldoorn Organisation: Traffic Design Group
Traffic Management in Tasmania Presenter(s): Nigel Coates Organisation: City of Launceston
Size does matter - but when is big too big? Presenter(s): Derrick Hitchins Organisation: SMEC Australia Pty Ltd



Austroads Safety at Road Worksites Strategic Priority Project Presenter(s): Dr Dan Sullivan Organisation: Solutions in Transport
Pedestrian Priority Zones Safety Review Presenter(s): Jess Peters, Peter Bilton Organisation: Point8 Pty Ltd
The Safety Performance of Priority Three-leg Iintersections: seagulls and left turn slip lanes Presenter(s): Dr Shane Turner, Mike Smith and Prof Graham Wood Organisation: MWH Global