The Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Ltd (AITPM) provides a central point of reference for practitioners in traffic and transport planning and management. Members of the Institute are linked primarily by a common vocational interest rather than by similar academic qualifications alone.

Traffic Planning and Management is an integrated activity involving traffic management and operations, transport planning, economics, freight, road safety, public transport, and non-motorised transport modes.

The AITPM network is extensive, with its underlying strength being its own membership. The Institute started in 1966 and now has over 850 members and corporate members across Australia and New Zealand.

We have five state branches: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

The membership is evenly spread across all age categories and continues to grow each month. As such the AITPM is regarded as the peak traffic and transport body for practitioners in Australia.

AITPM Vision

To provide leadership in traffic and transport by contributing to the development and management of a transport system that benefits all Australians.

AITPM Constitution

AITPM Objectives

  • Industry Sustainability

    Facilitate opportunities for members to grow at all stages of their career and recognise professional excellence;

  • Accountability

    Be professional and transparent in our approach;

  • Relationships & Networking

    Provide opportunities for our members to share their experiences, skills and knowledge. and build and enhance relationships with our members, stakeholders and other industry organisations;

  • Professional Development

    Provide a diverse range of knowledge and skill building opportunities and services;

  • Information

    Provide a reference point for technical information and undertake research where required for the benefit of members and stakeholders;

  • Industry Participation

    Use our collective knowledge and experience to influence decision makers in traffic and transport;