Bicycle history 2 – creating a new form of transport

As this year is celebrated as the 200th anniversary the invention of the bicycle it is worth reflecting on how bright ideas for new transport have come about.

If you pardon the pun but thinking outside the box is important if you want to cover new ground.

Part of the legend of the bicycle is that Karl von Drais, the person attributed with inventing the first self-powered wheeled device, saw an ice skater and reflected on how fluently she moved across the ice. He thought that by adding wheels under himself, he could move more effectively across the ground.

Henry Ford is attributed with the saying that “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Actually, there is no evidence to suggest he said this but it is still an interesting thought.

AITPM member and WA branch president Jacob Martin goes further back in history. He has noted that in Norse mythology Odin’s special horse “the best among horses” has eight legs. The premise is that if four legs are good then eight legs must be better. Drawings of what such an animal would look like do not give any confidence in terms of efficiency.

Next week we will talk about the thoughts and opinions that were raised to oppose cycling especially for certain groups of people.

They have nothing to do with how cycling is now being used and some opinions we have now may not be representative as to how this mode of transport might be used in the future.

Sydney for example is to finally getting a bike sharing scheme but it will not be one with specific bike docking locations.

How new technology will shape our city

The AITPM’s Young Professional Network just had an excellent meeting in Sydney on how new technology and applications will shape the way we plan and manage our transport systems. They particularly wanted to discuss the idea that during these times, research and industry have the opportunity to collaborate at the forefront of planning to improve current practice.

And so, they held a Q&A session to which nearly 80 people attended on a night that coincided with the biggest football game the year.

We will cover some of the subjects more fully in the AITPM newsletter and in future video news stories but a few snippets from the meeting include:

Prof Travis Waller from the UNSW a keen mathematician and computer modeller challenged our perception that computer models are all about predicting the future.  Rather they are really about comparing the value of different scenarios.

Henry Okraglik from WSP felt that one of the biggest innovations in transport is that non-traditional companies are becoming service providers.  We also discussed how non-traditional data are being used to help understand what is going on.

Associate Professor Vinayak Dixit, spoke of how gaming theory can help give us processes to look at transport issues.

Devina Hassanaly, from AECOM talked about bench marking.  Comparing what we do with similar situations from other areas not just saying that what we have done has made it better.  The question is how to make it as best as we can.

Neill Miller, from Transport for NSW, is one of the people that chooses to use or not to use the ideas and suggestions that academics and practitioners come up with.  We shall hear more of the exciting measures that the NSW government is taking in the future.

Well done to our young professionals for holding a great event.

AITPM New Members May 2017

AITPM welcomed the following new members in May 2017:

Christopher White NSW Student
Jovanne Lee SA Student
Amir Pourfarzad QLD Student
Yash Kamal QLD Student
Casey Scott QLD Student
Nobin Thomas SA Student
Mohadeseh Rahbar QLD Student
Karen Wright ACT Student
Xin Zou SA Student
Andrew Weir NSW Member
Hassan Yousaf NSW Member
Ruben Welschen NSW Member
Brian Betts QLD Member
Annabelle Fisher WA Member
Deshitha Senanayake SA Member
Chirag Safi VIC Member
Clinton Kenna VIC Member
Sara Rollason NSW Member
Eric Secondes QLD Associate (2018)
Elizabeth Muscat NSW Associate (2018)
TFR Student to Associate
Robert Morgan VIC Fellow
Deborah Donald VIC Fellow

AITPM New Members – April 2017

AITPM welcomed the following new members during April 2017:

Peter Du Associate Department of Planning Transport & Infrastructure SA
James Arnold Associate City of Playford SA
Timothy Moore Associate GHD QLD
Suk Ling Chang Associate Urban Modelling Solutions URBSOL WA
Mohamed Eltahir Associate WSP QLD
Sarah Hayes Associate Arup NSW
Vern Bastian Member MetroCount WA
Lise Chesnais Member Aecom NSW
Anna Purvis Member Veitch Lister Consulting QLD / VIC
John Campbell Member Pekol Traffic and Transport QLD
Kevin McClain Member Transport for NSW NSW
Omer Khan Member Arup QLD
Kylie Nixon Member Arup QLD
Andrew Weir Member Arup NSW
Hassan Yousaf Member Mott McDonald NSW
Matthew Brooks Member GHD TAS
Lau Kean Hon Student SA
Sean O’Mahoney Student SA
Timothy Mower Student SA
Jesse Lovell Student VIC
Diana Geaboc Student QLD
Sarah Godwin Student QLD
Christopher Owens Student QLD
Kevin Wu Student NSW
Vishakulan Prapakaran Student NSW
Sanduni Kossinna Student QLD
Alexandra Satz Student NSW
Jacob Buckley Student VIC
Kate Connolly Student QLD

AITPM New Members – March 2017

AITPM welcomed the following new members during March 2017:

Ingrid Bissaker University of New South Wales NSW Student
Phoebe Feng University of New South Wales NSW Student
Rachael Amies Queensland University of Technology QLD Student
Matthew Raisbeck GTA Consultants VIC Member
Thomas Grohovaz University of Queensland QLD Student
Edwin Fung Aurecon Australasia QLD Member
Harris Grace Pekol Traffic & Transport QLD Associate
Gareth Mills WSP l Parsons Brinckerhoff NSW Member
Kevin King Western Sydney University NSW Student
Simon Ho Veitch Lister Consulting QLD Associate
Ashley Higgins Excel Technology Co QLD Corporate (3)
Erin Jackson GHD VIC Member
Cade Tracey Queensland University of Technology QLD Student
Yilun Chen Monash university VIC Student
Benjamin Setchfield PSA Consulting Australia QLD Member

AITPM Young Professional Awards Now Open

AITPM are pleased to advise that applications for the AITPM Young Professional Awards 2017 are now open.

These awards provide an outstanding opportunity for a Final Year Student (Tertiary or Vocational Education) or a First Year Graduate from each state to attend the 2017 AITPM National Conference in Melbourne from 15 to 18 August 2017.

This presents an opportunity for these Young Professionals to learn more about the traffic and transport profession and network with industry leaders.  The award includes flights, accommodation and entry to the conference.  One Young Professional is awarded in each of our five branches; NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC/TAS, SA/NT and WA.

I ask all AITPM members to encourage any young professionals in your organisation to apply for this award and to start to gain exposure to the range of benefits that AITPM offers practitioners in Traffic and Transport.  Applications close on the 19 May 2017 and the winners will be announced in June 2017.

A brochure, nomination form and further information can be found in the awards section of our website.

AITPM Excellence Awards now open

AITPM is pleased to advise that applications for the AITPM Excellence Awards 2017 are now open.

These awards are a great opportunity for AITPM members to gain reward and recognition for innovations in Traffic Engineering/Management, Transport Planning, and Transport and Land Use Modelling and are our premier awards.

Applications close on the 19 May 2017 and the winners will be announced at the AITPM National Conference in Melbourne from 15 to 18 August 2017.

A brochure, further information and copies of the previous winning submissions for this award in 2015 and 2016 can be found in the awards section of our website.