New Members October 2017

Basic Traffic Signal Design

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AITPM New Members September 2017

AITPM welcomed the following new members in September 2017:

Douglas Bartlett WA Member
Teik Min Lim NSW Member
Matthew Hanrahan VIC Member
Bryony Dyer ACT/NSW Member
Khanh Nguyen NSW Member
Steven Swann NSW Member
Christopher Wright QLD Member
Kate Mackay QLD Member
Harry Barber VIC Member
Michiel Jagersma QLD Member
Mark Booth QLD Member
Hai Nguyen QLD Member
Scott Arbon WA Member
Victoria Brown VIC Associate
Bryce Collins NSW Student
Eric Ye NSW Student
Tom (Shunshun) Shu NSW Student
Dan Su NSW Student
Binh Trang VIC Student
Matthew Lendon VIC Student
Matthew Flower ACT Student
Luke Hall VIC Student
Stephanie Malone QLD Student
Cameron Harper QLD Student
Tyler O’Hare VIC Student
Albury City NSW Corporate
JJ Ryan Consulting Pty Ltd VIC Corporate


AITPM New Members August 2017

AITPM welcomed the following new members in August:

Phoebe Ho NSW Student
Hong Ki An SA Student
Benjamin Tuckwell SA Student
Chen Whittle WA Student
Brooke Young QLD Student
Rhys Roberts-Brown WA Student
Kieran Mann QLD Associate
Thomas Eadie QLD Associate
Brandon Peij QLD Associate
Ash Parajuli QLD Associate
Ashlee Ferencz SA Associate
Delaware Khan QLD Associate
Navreet Virdi NSW Associate
Dale Blackman WA Member
Dr Courtney Babb WA Member
Shaun Tabone NSW Member
Jianhong (Cecilia)  Xia WA Member
Jessica Szeto NSW Member
Steven Roberts QLD Member
Matthew Mudge VIC Member
Simon Chia VIC Member
Tim Campbell WA Member
Con Iliopoulos VIC Member
Robert Kinghorn VIC Member
Mr Johannes (Fainks) Rossouw QLD Member
Catherine Bennie QLD Member
John Peace QLD Member
Bailey Byrnes VIC Member
Daniel North VIC Member
Soumendra Paul VIC Member
Curtin University WA Corporate
Central Coast Council (NSW) NSW Corporate

AITPM New Members – July 2017

AITPM was pleased to welcome the following members in July 2017:

First Name Last Name State Membership Level
Northern Beaches Council NSW Corporate (5)
Oliver Chambers QLD Student
Paolo Moscheni WA Student
Hong Ki An SA Student
Christopher Hew VIC Student
Matthew Creighton QLD Student
Monita Wambrauw SA Student
Mitchell Young VIC Student
Navid Muttaqui QLD Student
Sigrid Pembroke QLD Associate
Michael Willson NSW Member
Rebeka Giana TAS Member
Shivani Jordan TAS Member
Steven Northey NSW Member
Rebecka Gunnarsson VIC Member
Kate Pratt VIC Member
Andrew Morse  NSW Member
Gi Sun Hong QLD Member
Giles Smith QLD Member
Ronja Trapp QLD Member
Vishnu Anne NSW Member
Rodney Markotis WA Member

Young Women in Transport Conference subsidy winners

AITPM would like to pass on a sincere thanks to everyone that applied for the Young Women in Transport full conference ticket subsidy.   We are grateful for VicRoads for their generous support of this initiative.

We received an overwhelming response with a high number of quality submissions. In reflection of the high quality submissions we raised the number of ticket subsidies from 10 to 20. The following recipients have received a full ticket subsidy to attend:

  • Anna Scott
  • Brooke Young
  • Elise Cameron
  • Emily Russo
  • Georgina McMenamin
  • Gresha Maskey
  • Hui-Lin Tan
  • Jessica Bond
  • Kailey Wilson
  • Kassia Ralston
  • Kirstin Palmer
  • Lily Xia
  • Maddison Hoey
  • Priyanka Chanana
  • Sarah Thorpe
  • Sharvari Bhuskute
  • Tabitha Yeoh
  • Vanina Varnier
  • Xin Hou
  • Yanni Huang

AITPM National AGM Notice

AITPM National AGM

The AITPM 2017 AGM will be held at the completion of Day 1 of the National Conference (16 August 2017).

Please find a copy of the notice of meeting for the running of the AGM below. This can also be downloaded here.

Please also note that we would welcome submission of questions, comments and items for Other Business prior to the AGM.  This then allows time for appropriate responses to be formulated prior to the AGM.  Questions of course remain welcome at the AGM itself also.

If you have any items that you wish to have addressed at the AGM, please email them to

Dan Sullivan
AITPM National Secretary

New Members June 2017

In June 2017, AITPM welcomed the following new members:

Ahmad Tavassoli QLD Member
Chris Lawlor QLD Member
David Leahy QLD Member
Erik Stopp SA Member
Hui-Lin Tan VIC Student
Kailey Wilson VIC Student
Lydia Isokangas QLD Member
Mark Bachels QLD Member
Michael Gavaghan VIC Student
Peter Stephan QLD Associate
Priyanka Chanana VIC Student
Sarah Huang VIC Associate
Tabitha Yeoh VIC Associate

How new technology will shape our city

The AITPM’s Young Professional Network just had an excellent meeting in Sydney on how new technology and applications will shape the way we plan and manage our transport systems. They particularly wanted to discuss the idea that during these times, research and industry have the opportunity to collaborate at the forefront of planning to improve current practice.

And so, they held a Q&A session to which nearly 80 people attended on a night that coincided with the biggest football game the year.

We will cover some of the subjects more fully in the AITPM newsletter and in future video news stories but a few snippets from the meeting include:

Prof Travis Waller from the UNSW a keen mathematician and computer modeller challenged our perception that computer models are all about predicting the future.  Rather they are really about comparing the value of different scenarios.

Henry Okraglik from WSP felt that one of the biggest innovations in transport is that non-traditional companies are becoming service providers.  We also discussed how non-traditional data are being used to help understand what is going on.

Associate Professor Vinayak Dixit, spoke of how gaming theory can help give us processes to look at transport issues.

Devina Hassanaly, from AECOM talked about bench marking.  Comparing what we do with similar situations from other areas not just saying that what we have done has made it better.  The question is how to make it as best as we can.

Neill Miller, from Transport for NSW, is one of the people that chooses to use or not to use the ideas and suggestions that academics and practitioners come up with.  We shall hear more of the exciting measures that the NSW government is taking in the future.

Well done to our young professionals for holding a great event.