AITPM has various levels of membership subscriptions, categorised into Individual and Corporate Memberships.

Corporate organisations, local and state government agencies, small businesses and associations with links to the transport planning or traffic management sector are encouraged to take up a corporate membership of AITPM.

Corporate membership encourages best practice for staff and provides important professional development opportunities across the entire spectrum of the industry that might not otherwise be available to staff working within one particular sector.

Employees of AITPM Corporate Members are able to take full advantage of access to skills and knowledge through state and national events and through attending these events and accessing AITPM’s critical news and trends updates increase their expertise and sector knowledge.

This up skilling of staff benefits the member organisation directly whilst also allowing the organisation to demonstrably contribute to the development of the industry in which they practice.

All Corporate Member organisations are listed in our Member Services Directory to provide additional promotion of their participation and particular services.

Corporate members of AITPM benefit both directly and indirectly including through:

  • Staff upgrading skills and knowledge gained via AITPM state and national events
  • Wide industry networking opportunities
  • Exclusive access for staff to garnered industry news and trends
  • Access to the AITPM monthly Newsletter
  • Recruitment advertising opportunities via AITPM Newsletter
  • Professional credibility – AITPM members are widely respected within the industry and membership of the Institute is often a sought after key criteria in recruitment process.
  • Open to government agencies, companies, associations and business entities working in related fields. Corporate memberships are available for three staff and up.

Corporate Members are not required to register individual representatives but event attendance and website member only access is restricted at any one time to the number of representatives selected in their membership level.

  • Corporate membership x 3 representatives $775
  • Corporate membership x 5 representatives $1150
  • Corporate membership x 10 representatives $2050

The AITPM Membership period runs from 01 April to 31 March annually regardless of when a member joins.  The appropraite Membership fee will be automatically pro-ratered for the first based on the date of application.  Corporate members are not required to pay upon application - an invoice will be sent to you once the application has been reviewed.