A global webinar: Future strategies for utilising mobile phone / big data in transport modelling

5:00pm Wednesday, 25 September 2019
6:30pm Wednesday, 25 September 2019
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This 2019 future strategies for using mobile phone / big data webinar is being organised by a global partnership including the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management - Transport Modelling Network (AITPM TMN), the New Zealand Modelling User Group (NZMugs), and Landor LINKS (UK), with expert facilitation from Aimsun and Mott MacDonald. Senior and globally sourced speakers are contributing from the cutting-edge of the associated technologies and methods, including from Highways England, Transport for London, Kineo Analytics, UK Department of Transport, Jacobs, AECOM and CitiLogik. The concise and informative webinar format will be facilitated via Landor LINKS (UK). 

Big data, and mobile phone data in particular, are an increasingly involved element of any data collection exercise supporting transportation planning and modelling. Do the benefits of large volumes of data, available with no disruption to transport system operations, and at a relatively low cost, outweigh the concerns around lack of spatial, personal, mode and purpose detail? 

This webinar brings together the user experience from government end clients in the UK and around the globe to:

•    Outline WHY using big data has been beneficial.
•    Outline HOW data providers/consultants made it happen.

The AITPM Transport Modelling Network recognises that by sharing the success and the failures of work-to-date, we can make better use of the opportunities that big mobile phone data can bring to our profession – Thereby speeding up delivery at a lower cost, whilst protecting credibility and analytical robustness.

Join this webinar, be a part of the discussion, ask the questions you always wanted to, and help progress the state of the art. The session is aimed at knowledge sharing, discussion and, ultimately, at challenging presenters and attendees regarding current practice and new & future developments.


Part 1:  Overview (30 mins)
Why we use mobile data in transport planning and modeling - Opportunities, benefits, challenges, realities, next steps:

  • Claire Cheriyan, Transport for London
  • Tim Beech, Jacobs

Part 2:  Technical - How to use mobile data (30 mins):

  • Mobile data processing – Philippe Perret, CitiLogik
  • Mobile data request – Nick Corby, Highways England
  • Mobile data - merging with other big datasets - Luis Willumsen, Kineo Analytics
  • Mobile data benchmarking / Mobile data to generate model matrices – Reza Tolouei, AECOM and Nila Sari, Department for Transport, UK.

Part 3:  Panel Q&A, Chaired by Tom Van Vuren, Mott MacDonald, and webinar moderator (30 mins):

  • 10 mins per speaker, questions to be lodged and managed by Session Chair, via the webinar platform.

This is a free webinar, open to anyone.

08:00 -  London
11:00 -  Dubai
17:00 - Sydney/Melbourne
19:00 - Auckland

Registrations are required by Wednesday 25thSeptember 2019 @ 12 noon Sydney / Melbourne via the Landor LINKS (UK) registration site link below.


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Dave Keenan

Alternate contact: Juliana.orourke@landor.co.uk (+442071934142)

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