QLD | Half Day Seminar - Public transport - Planning and Delivery

12:00pm Thursday, 28 November 2019
5:00pm Thursday, 28 November 2019
TMR Ground Floor
61 Mary Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Join AITPM QLD for a Half-Day Seminar discussing all aspects of Public Transport from a TransLink perspective. The seminar will include an overview of Network Strategy, Network Performance, TransLink's Solution Toolkit, Real-time Network Management and the Future Direction of Public Transport. Presentations include:

  • The TransLink network: a simple, connected, reliable network - Vincent Doran: Executive Director (Service Planning & Infrastructure)
  • Our Customers: their needs and changing expectations - James Buttenshaw: Director (Customer Insights & Advocacy)
  • Network Performance: challenges and opportunities - Hayley Elliot: Director (Business Intelligence & Performance)
  • Simple service design & Fast and reliable connections - Andy Meyer: Director (Network Management)
  • Better network access - Elizabeth Schofield: Director (Infrastructure)
  • Embracing technology: TransLink's Technology Roadmap - Martin Bradshaw: General Manager (Passenger Transport Strategy & Technology)
  • Pilot initiatives: Branding and local area marketing - Damien Boorman: Director (Marketing and Communications)
  • Real-time network management: PT Hub - Gordon Buchanan: Executive Director (Transport Coordination Project)
  • The Future of PT - Kate Carlson: Director (Service Integration and Delivery)

AITPM Members $50
Non Members $100


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