SA | Planning and modelling assumptions for CAVs: SA Workshop

4:45pm Wednesday, 13 November 2019
7:00pm Wednesday, 13 November 2019
Tech Forum
77 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia 3000

AITPM are running workshops across the country to further develop a position around the modelling and planning assumptions for (Connected and Automated Vehicles) “CAVs”, with a view to arriving at a consensus with respect to transparency and consistency.

The AITPM Transport Modellers Network recently discussed this challenge in our modelling workshop on Friday 2nd August in Adelaide.  

This follows a key question asked by ITS Australia at a modelling roundtable held earlier in the year: 

“Can we develop a nationally consistent set of assumptions regarding CAVs use for planning purposes?”

There are broadly three levels of discussion that we wish to discuss:

  • Understanding the impact and sensitivity of key assumptions relating to AVs, together with identifying which models and planning processes would be impacted.
  • Exploring the potential for developing a framework to consider individual tactical parameters relating to scenario modelling of AVs, identifying potential key methodology/reality interactions, and any material missing parameters and/or gaps in knowledge.
  • Considering the range of assumptions which are being made for certain individual parameters known to have a significant impact on the outcome of modelling and planning studies: developing thereby a documentation and further references or rationale (if available).

Please see the reference document here for further information.

This free event will be over-subscribed - early bookings are essential.

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