SA | Tech Forum - Streamlining Hoddle Street

5:30pm Wednesday, 20 February 2019
7:00pm Wednesday, 20 February 2019
SMEC Adelaide Offices
19 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia 8000

Streamlining Hoddle Street Project is the first stage of the Victorian Government’s planned transformation of Hoddle Street, which aims to improve the journey along and across Hoddle Street for all road users. The projects centre piece is the introduction of a 'Continuous Flow Intersection' at the Punt Road/ Swan Street/ Olympic Boulevard which targets the improvement of traffic flow in key directions whilst also balancing intermodal, pedestrians and cyclist connections through one of Melbourne's busiest corridors.

The 4km Punt Road/ Hoddle Street corridor is Melbourne’s busiest arterial roads. A total of 330,000 trips are generated along or across Hoddle Street on a daily basis. It provides important transport links to the Monash, Eastern and Westgate Freeways. It’s also a vital public transport hub with links to trains, trams and buses, as well as providing access to nearby cycling routes.

The primary objective of the project at this location was to increase the movement of people through the Punt Road/ Swan Street intersection, whether it be for cars, buses, trams, pedestrians or cyclists.

From a car perspective, the project sought to relieve traffic congestion for key movements at the Swan Street/Punt Road intersection. Those were, the right turn from Punt Road into Olympic Boulevard (south to west), the left turn from Olympic Boulevard into Punt Road (east to north) and north south movements along Punt Road through this intersection.

Under the proposal right turns are no longer required to be performed in the intersection hence removing one of the highest impact crash types being that of a ‘right turn against’. All movements through the intersection are then either straight through or left turns.

A virtual reality (VR) model of the proposed intersection design and solution was developed to assist with stakeholder engagement and their journey. Stakeholders were given the opportunity to critique key features of the project in a virtual environment. This resulted in a heightened level of engagement with the stakeholder community and a more robust understanding of the project key features.

Come and listen to the innovative transport solutions developed and improved community consultation for this project. 


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