SA | Technical Forum - Public Transport Inequity in Outer Urban Australia

5:30pm Wednesday, 20 March 2019
7:00pm Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Tech Forum
DPTI Building
77 Grenfell Street Ground Floor
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

In response to the recent and projected levels of population growth in the five major capital cities of Australia, namely the greater statistical areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Infrastructure Australia commissioned a study to focus on public transport provision in the outer suburban areas, which is still accommodating large amounts of the population growth. The study developed new spatial analysis to investigate the challenges of delivery outer urban public transport, quantify the extent of the disadvantage and recommend a range of policy responses.

The analysis was based on census statistics and GIS-mapping techniques to conduct analysis of the differences of public transport levels of service, walk accessibility and travel times to key destinations for the inner, middle and outer urban areas in the cities and to display the differences between the urban areas.  The background research paper was also prepared covering the theory of public transport network and service planning based on best practice in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom.  Five international case studies were prepared to provide examples of the latest innovations in public transport planning. 

John Devney was the Project Manager for this research project and he will present some of the background research as well as the report’s findings, covering the following topics in this presentation:

1)    Evidence that public transport equity is a problem(research from 2017 comparing the five capital cities)

2)    Potential solutions from best practice in other cities (outer suburban examples from Australia and overseas)

3)    Opportunities for a public transport rebalance in Adelaide(changes to governance, contracting, customer service culture)


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John Devney has over 40 years of experience in planning transport systems in Australia and Canada with a specialisation in public transport network planning and feasibility studies for bus, light rail, heavy rail and ferry modes. He has conducted a wide range of strategic transport planning projects similar to the Infrastructure Australia study.

John is currently a Director with GTA Consultants based in Adelaide and is leading the development of the Transport Planning streams for the 2019 AITPM Adelaide Conference.