How new technology will shape our city

The AITPM’s Young Professional Network just had an excellent meeting in Sydney on how new technology and applications will shape the way we plan and manage our transport systems. They particularly wanted to discuss the idea that during these times, research and industry have the opportunity to collaborate at the forefront of planning to improve current practice.

And so, they held a Q&A session to which nearly 80 people attended on a night that coincided with the biggest football game the year.

We will cover some of the subjects more fully in the AITPM newsletter and in future video news stories but a few snippets from the meeting include:

Prof Travis Waller from the UNSW a keen mathematician and computer modeller challenged our perception that computer models are all about predicting the future.  Rather they are really about comparing the value of different scenarios.

Henry Okraglik from WSP felt that one of the biggest innovations in transport is that non-traditional companies are becoming service providers.  We also discussed how non-traditional data are being used to help understand what is going on.

Associate Professor Vinayak Dixit, spoke of how gaming theory can help give us processes to look at transport issues.

Devina Hassanaly, from AECOM talked about bench marking.  Comparing what we do with similar situations from other areas not just saying that what we have done has made it better.  The question is how to make it as best as we can.

Neill Miller, from Transport for NSW, is one of the people that chooses to use or not to use the ideas and suggestions that academics and practitioners come up with.  We shall hear more of the exciting measures that the NSW government is taking in the future.

Well done to our young professionals for holding a great event.