Before applying for a membership upgrade, please read the outline for eligibility below.  If you have any queries regarding eligibility, please contact

Upgrading from Student to Associate incurs a transfer fee of $27.50 in addition to the annual membership fee of $170. This must be paid at the time of upgrade application.

Transferring from Student to Associate

When a student member is no longer in full time study, they are not elible for Student membership and should apply for Associate membership in order to continue receiving membership benefits.  

To be eligible for admission or transfer to the grade of Associate, an applicant shall:

    1.    be in active practice in the field of transport planning and/or traffic management; or
    2.    have an interest in the field of transport planning and/or traffic management.

As part of your upgrade, you will need to upload your current resume demonstrating eligibility as per above as well as providing two industry referees. 

NB: Before upgrading your membership, please be sure to login to the website via the Login link in the top right hand corner of this screen. 

Apply for upgrade from Student to Associate