A series of forums and interactive workshops were held on the Friday of the conference.

Transport Planning interactive workshop

The ‘Streets for People’ workshop on the Friday hosted by AECOM was a great success.  Attended by over 60 people, including presentations from Paul Steely White from TransAlt and Simon Richardson from AECOM setting the scene before we all split into groups to transform streets!

After three lively discussions and some very out the box ideas including a stream and Quokkas on Hay Street in the Perth CBD, AECOM rounded up the session with some of the stand out ideas and thoughts from the sessions.  This was followed by a panel discussion chaired by AECOMs’ Teresa Matassa, and including the Department of Transport Craig Wooldridge, Paul Steely White and Stephen Hodge of We Ride Australia to discuss the ways and means to influence the decision makers to make these streets for people a reality.

The work didn’t stop on the day! In the coming weeks we will be putting together a report detailing the different ideas and thoughts that came out of the day for people to downloads and see.