Network Groups

Networking at AITPM

Since 2012, AITPM has been running two network groups, the Young Professional Network (YPN) and the Transport Modelling Network. The Networks have been established to connect with industry and to assist with leading the future. The YPN has provided a gateway into AITPM for young professionals who will be our future leaders while the TMN has enabled the modelling community to come together as one to drive the modelling stream of the National Conference and tackle key industry issues.

Building on the success of the YPN and TMN, AITPM has decided to establish two new Networks: Network Operation/Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning. The two new networks will operate in a similar way to the TMN with the following objectives:

  • Manage the relevant stream for the National Conference (the two state based representatives will have the lead role);
  • Develop and run two State Technical Forums per year (part of the standard Technical Forums Calender);
  • Support special events such as tours of national and international speakers;
  • Provide input into the development of the AITPM Traffic and Transport Foundations
  • Education Program;
  • Create networking opportunities for members;
  • Attract new members;
  • Increase member participation in AITPM activities;
  • Encourage nominations for the AITM Excellence Awards; and
  • Provide a portal for feedback on national topics such as Austroads revisions, Senate
  • Enquiries and other areas where AITPM input is sought.
  • The governance structure for new networks will be the same as the TMN and is as follows:

AITPM Membership Requirements

The National Council Group Leader will be in place for a two year period for stability and will be involved in the given industry in a significant manner in their usual workplace/business.

The National Co-ordinator will have strong leadership and relationship building capabilities and would be elected from within the Group.

The State Representatives must include one member who is on the State Branch Committee. The other member will be an individual or corporate member of AITPM. It is critical that the representatives are seen as industry leaders for the Groups to be credible and achieve outcomes. Importantly, all members must be committed to taking on tasks to drive the Groups forward.

The Sub Group provides a portal for wider industry connection and input at a state level.

The term of membership is two years with a maximum of three consecutive terms being served. Elections should be every two years, with members co-opted if a member/s resigns from the Group.

Selection of Group Members

Expressions of interest will be called at relevant times.

Group Meetings

Each group shall hold an annual face to face meeting in September or October. This timeframe ties in well with National Conference timings.

Tele-conferences shall be held every two months, or more regularly if required.

State Sub Groups

The State Sub Groups enable a connection for the Groups at a state level across the industry. This provides an opportunity for other members and non-members to contribute to the Groups and over time should assist in building interest and membership. The Sub Groups should meet twice a year to feed into state based activities and also into discussion items for the National Groups. These Groups will also provide opportunities to attract future State Branch Committee members.