Transport Modelling Network

The AITPM Transport Modellers Network (TMN) is dedicated to cultivating and catering for the interest knowledge and expertise of transport and land use modellers across Australia. The establishment of the TMN is a core action of the AITPM’s Strategic Plan 2013-2017.

The TMN covers a broad range of Transport and Land Use Modelling activities for all modes of transport. This provides an opportunity for individuals from all sectors, including government, research, software development, data collection and consulting to interact, share knowledge and promote good practice within the modelling community and the wider transport industry.

Since being established in 2013, our key focus has been on:

  • National Conference and Forum – The formation of the TMN has provided the opportunity of running a transport and land use modelling stream at the AITPM National Conference. In addition, the transport and land use modelling forum on the final day of the conference has continued to be a popular and well attended event.
  • Local Modelling Events –  The TMN aspires to host at least two modelling events in each state a year. One of these events is aimed towards practitioners who are reliant on the results of models, whilst another event is directly tailored towards transport and land use modellers.
  • We have also been trialling the use of web-cams and going forward, members will be able to view and participate at these events live on-line.

While the National Conference, Forum and local events have been successful and well attended, we are always looking at ways of improving. As such, we welcome your feedback, ideas and input.

AITPM Transport Modelling Code of Conduct – Professionalism

This Code of Conduct has been developed by the Transport Modelling Network of AITPM.

It is intended to be read and adopted by transport modelling practitioners and consumers of modelling services who contribute to making decisions on improvements to the transport systems in Australia.

The Code comprises two parts – Part 1: Principles of Professionalism, and Part 2: Technical Information. Part 2 is a ‘live’ document that is updated from time to time.

Going Forward

There is an endless amount of activities and functions the TMN can perform; however, we are reliant on volunteers to assist. With your help we are looking at ways of:

• Organising more local and national events
• Creating network opportunities for members
• Developing national initiatives
• Increasing member participation

Please contact one of the committee representatives from your state to provide your input and find out more about the TMN.

Transport Modelling Network Committee

Role / StateRepresentativeEmail
National ChairRichard Isted (WA) Email
New South WalesOleg Sannikov Email
Simon Kinnear Email
QueenslandBen Pool Email
Mark Plattz Email
South AustraliaJames Parrott Email
Lindsay Oxlad Email
VictoriaDave Keenan Email
Fotios Spiridonos Email
Western AustraliaMehdi Langroundi Email
Steven Piotrowski Email
TasmaniaMathew Brooks Email
Erin Trainer Email

In addition to the above roles, the TMN also include the following advisors, providing an opportunity for the TMN to work with other industry bodies and experts to assist with various matters:

Code of Conduct CoordinatorChris Zito
NZUMUGS (Lead Contact)Ian Clark