AITPM attributes its success and reputation as a leader in the transport industry to the hard work and dedication of members around the country who volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors, State Branch Committees, the National Conference Committee and the Transport Modellers and Young Professional Networks.

This volunteer culture is highly valued and offers members significant opportunities to develop and maintain lasting friendships and strong professional networks. This Code of Conduct has been developed to maintain a positive working environment, to protect the reputation and welfare of individual members, to protect the Institute’s brand and reputation and to provide members with guidance on ethical conduct and their obligations when acting on behalf of the Institute.

This DRAFT Code of Conduct is open for member comment until Friday 2 November 2018.  The Board urges all members to spend 10 minutes to familiarise themselves with its purpose and principles.

Comments should be forwarded by email to Ms Karen Hooper National Administration Officer  The Board will consider comments and look to endorse a final Code of Conduct at its November 2018 meeting.