How much does it cost to join AITPM?

Individual memberships (Associate, Member and Fellow) are all $170 per year.  For new memberships there is an additional one off admin fee of $27.50.

Three Corporate memnerships are available:

  • Corporate membership x 3 representatives $730 
  • Corporate membership x 5 representatives $1065
  • Corporate membership x 10 representatives $1920

Student membership is free for all current, full time students.

Read more about memberships here:

Individual memberships    Corporate memberships

How do I join AITPM?

Becoming a member of AITPM is a simple matter of completing an online application and making payment.  As part of your online application, members are required to submit a current resume showing relevant work experience in an AITPM related field as well as submitting two references.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the relevant state committee before becoming active. This process can sometimes take up to two weeks. 

Student applications do not require payment but all students must submit evidence of current student status. 

Corporate applications will be sent an invoice once registraiton is complete. 

Reviewing joining process


Who can join AITPM?

Membership of AITPM is open to those who:

  • hold formal academic qualifications associated with transport planning or traffic management gained from a recognised tertiary institution and who have been practicing in the field of transport planning or traffic management for at least one year;


  • have had appropriate experience for a period of at least three years in the field of traffic planning or traffic management, including research, gained through a recognised organisation, and are actively practicing in the field of traffic planning or traffic management;


  • who are permanent residents of Australia.

Additional membership opportunities are available for students, retired practitioners and corporate organisations.

Explore membership here

What is the AITPM membership period?

All AITPM Memberships run from 1 April through to 31 March each year. 

Fees for new members who join throughout the year will be pro-ratered based on the application date. 

I'm late with my membership renewal payment. What should I do?

AITPM memberships have a grace period of 60 days.  Within this time, members can log into their Portal and renew their membership via the subscription link.

After 60 days, members should first log in to their existing account and then navigate to the membership page to purchase a new subscription. 

How do I renew my membership?

AITPM Memberships can be renewed prior to expiry at any stage via the green box in the member portal.

If renewing before the expiry date, simply click the renew subscription link in your member portal. Once paid, this will generate a membership invoice. 

If the membership has expired but it is less than 60 days since expiry, navigate to your transactions and complete the payment for the correct invoice. 

If the membership has expired for more than 60 days, members will need to log in and then navigate to the Join AITPM page to create a new membership subscription. 

I am no longer able to continue my AITPM membership. What should I do?

There are many reasons why members may wish to suspend or cancel their AITPM memberships.  In this instance, please contact Karen Hooper at

Resigned members will still be able to log in to the website and enjoy the benefits of being a friend of AITPM. 

How do I update my details?

Members and friends can update all their contact and employment details at anytime by logging in to the website and navigating to the Member Portal section. 

What types of membership does AITPM have?

AITPM offers a range of individual as well as corporate memberships to suit industry practitioners as they start out at University through to retirement.

Explore our membership categories here:

Individual memberships    Corporate memberships


Does AITPM have a conference?

The AITPM Traffic and Transport Conference is held once a year in winter. It rotates through each state and offers the presentation of around 100 technical presentations and international keynote speakers. 

Find out more about National Conference here.