The 50th anniversary of the AITPM, in 2016, led to the production of a commemorative book that will ensure the Institution’s history stands as a reminder to past, existing and future members of its beginning, its struggles and its achievements for the benefits of its members and all those involved in the traffic and transport fields.

The introduction to this document, “Who Are We?” sets the tone of the history of the Institute and one of its key attributes being that members are linked primarily by a common vocational interest rather than by similar academic qualifications alone.

It is interesting to note from reading this book that the Institute nearly closed down in the late 70s. However, due to the persistence of the committee and members at the time, it came out of its hiatus and proved to be the mechanism of forming the strong AITPM we have today. It is also very clear that the Institute is quite unique. Not only has it proudly grown from less than 25 members at its first AGM in 1966, to in excess of 1000 members across Australia and New Zealand, it also demonstrates ‘Who We Are’ today, a great and caring ‘family’.

AITPM would like to acknowledge and congratulate all those members both past and present who have made a significant contribution to the Institute over the last 50 years or so. We also  thank Fred Gennaoui for the preparation of this very important AITPM document and David Brown for his video compilation.