Members of AITPM benefit both directly and indirectly including through:


In addition to the annual AITPM National Conference each of our five state branches hosts regular technical seminars and social events.

These events offered unprecedented access to skills and knowledge upgrade as well as extensive networking opportunities with your industry peers. With specialised groups available, such as the Young Professionals' Network and Transport Modelling Network, our members are able to make valuable connections that will help them throughout their careers. 

AITPM's 50 year plus reputation and strong international connections afford us excellent standing in the transport and traffic industry world wide and as such we have access to some of the best industry specialists and practitioners who regularly address our member events.



AITPM has developed a number of dedicated news and media sources aimed to at keeping our members informed on industry trends and developments. 

Our monthly newsletter is packed with member updates as well as thought provoking articles, opinion pieces and discussion forums while regular news stories published on our website keep members up to date with national industy developments, legistation and opportunities.

We also have a regular podcast that allows members to stay up to date while on the move.



Participation in our technical seminars, regular workshops and back to basics sessions, as well as our annual conference, offers members genuine opportunities to upgrade their skills and technical knowledge. 

This, along with our other member benefits, is what ensures that AITPM members are widely respected within the industry. In fact membership of the Institute is often a sought after key criteria in recruitment process.