AITPM National Conference News - June 2019

Keynote speaker – Phil Jones






AITPM is delighted to welcome Phil Jones from the UK as one of our National Conference keynote speakers.

Phil is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in traffic engineering, transport planning and urban design.  He founded Phil Jones Associates in 2003 and is Chairman of the PJA group of companies which now provides services in transport, engineering and placemaking and employs around 70 staff based in five UK offices.

Phil has specialised in the production of design guidance documents. He was a member of the team that produced Manual for Streets for the Department for Transport in 2007, a guide to the design of urban, residential and lightly trafficked streets.  Subsequently Phil was lead writer on Manual for Streets 2 for CIHT/DfT/CABE in 2010.  The latter document extends the principles of MfS to busier urban and rural locations. 

In 2012 Phil was appointed by CIHT as joint editor of the updated version of their comprehensive publication Transport in the Urban Environment, which is now being published as a series of discrete topic papers, including a recent review of ‘Shared Space’.  He is a member of several independent design review panels, including for Transport for London, Highways England and several Garden Towns/Villages.

In recent years Phil has been involved in many walking and cycling initiatives, including editing the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Design Guidelines. He is now working on a revision to DfT’s Local Transport Note 2/08, ‘Cycle Infrastructure Design’.

Phil specialises in achieving synergy between streets and urban design, with the aim of creating places and spaces that meet aesthetic, social and functional aims.

Phil’s main conference keynote paper “Streets as Places – what’s been achieved, what’s still to do”? will cover a review of achievements and learnings from Manual for Streets and some of the successful places that have been delivered on the ground, including many in which Phil has been involved.

 For the Friday morning Active Transport workshop, Phil will present on “Active Travel in the UK: from marginal to mainstream” including discussion on the scope and delivery of the UK’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.

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Good communication

One of the great things about a conference is that: most speakers present in a form that everyone can understand; they have visual information to help send the message; and you can ask questions at the end.

Professor Graham Currie is one of our keynote speakers at the 2019 National Conference. He wrote a paper in 2018 that has been widely quoted: titled “Lies, Damned Lies, AVs, Shared Mobility, and Urban Transit Futures”.  In the paper he challenges the expectations that are being made about how wonderful it will be when we have new forms of transport such as autonomous vehicles”.

The really interesting thing is that he begins this paper with the following note to the reader:

Dear Reader: The editors of the Journal of Public Transportation have given me freedom. They have invited me to put thoughts on a page without the need for pedantic citation and attribution typical of writing in a leading international research journal. I have also been invited to be contemplative and personal, using words and phrases like I think, me, and my. For those of you used to a more formalized, “stodgy” citation full of academic prose, I apologize and ask that you take a deep breath and be calm. Ideas and communication don’t always flow well from academic writing, particularly when trying to envision the future.

We will be interviewing Prof Currie soon and reporting on some of the background to his presentation in the next newsletter.