Each year the Institute offers the opportunity for one first year transport graduate, or final year student in a field of study that contains transport elements, from each state to attend the AITPM National Conference.

The aims of the Young Professional Award is to:

  • enable students or graduates to learn more about the traffic and transport profession by actively participating in a peak industry event;
  • provide the opportunity to meet with other young professionals from other states;
  • provide networking opportunities to meet with a wide variety of professionals; and
  • inspire graduates to pursue a professional career in this very rewarding industry.

The Young Professional Award includes:

  • registration at the AITPM National Conference that year;
  • travel to and from the conference destination;
  • accommodation and meals during the conference;
  • membership of the Institute for one year; and
  • a certificate of excellence provided by the Institute in recognition of this achievement.





Nabela Tasnim - South Australia

Nabelais a Graduate Traffic Engineer with Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure where she is responsible for the provision of a range of technical support and advisory services pertaining to the identification, development, implementation and maintenance of the most appropriate traffic engineering solutions relating to hazardous locations, speed zoning, pedestrian safety, bicycle lane and a variety of other related issues and problems to ensure the ongoing provisions of the most effective and efficient traffic management services.

Nabela has undertaken training to advance her skills in transportation/traffic modelling, which includes modelling signalised and unsignalised intersections and roundabouts, and strategic modelling which is forecasting the traffic demand for future.

Nabela isparticularly passionate about providing safe and efficient transport for all road users in South Australia. While undertaking her masters in transportation at the University of South Australia, her research project was to investigate the access and egress walking time to and from public transport facilities in Adelaide. Nabela’s research on “Walking access to public transport in Adelaide: issues and concerns” has been published in the International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM) 2017. Nabela co-authored another research publication, “Investigation of the performance of traffic flow gating using signalised and un-signalised design and research aid (SIDRA)” published in the conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 2017.

Nabela sees the upcoming AITPM Conference in Perth as a great opportunity for her to network and establish connections with other professionals in traffic/transportation industry. For a young professional like Nabela, it would be a great opportunity to learn from the experts in this field and improving my skills and knowledge of transportation engineering.

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Xin Hou - Western Australia

Xin is a Graduate Transport Engineer at WSP and graduated with a Master’s degree in Professional Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering. During her studies, Xin has actively sought the opportunity to work within various sectors of the transport industry, including construction, government and consulting. Xin is passionate about implementing innovative measures to implement transport efficiencies beyond traditional methods.

Xin sees the future of our industry with barrier free communication between city planners, road designers, engineers, road users and asset managers and enhancing communication between stakeholders.

Over the next few years, Xin anticipates there will be several dramatic changes to our industry. Although congestion levels may continue increasing in the short term, the development of intelligent transport systems, autonomous vehicles and a higher priority given sustainable modes of transport, will help create opportunities to make our cities more efficient and livable.

Xin is especially interested in encouraging active transport and giving back our urban areas to human activities, she is looking forward to attending the presentations related to this area during the conference.

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Sophie Zachulski - Victoria

 Sophie is a Graduate Engineer working in Arup’s Sydney Transport Planning team. During her final year of study at The University of NSW (UNSW), Sophie undertook an honours in collaboration with the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI). This research used crowd-sourced data for disaster analytics, focusing on resiliency in the context of road networks. The aim of the research was to quantitatively evaluate the system performance of road networks across the world, during the time that they experienced a disaster event.

Sophie is motivated to develop innovative outcomes in the planning phase to ensure the effective movement of people and goods and the delivery of live-able places. Consulting on a variety of projects with Arup, as well as previous work experience on the construction phases of major motorway and rail projects, has given Sophie an appreciation for the ‘big picture’. Sophie sees a large opportunity for social responsibility in transport planning, with the need to increase transport accessibility to all socio-economic groups, ensuring that essential facilities such as hospitals and shopping centres can be accessed easily by public transport.

Sophie considers that the 2018 AITPM National Conference will be a great opportunity to immerse herself in the abundance of transport-related topics and expertise present, as well as build a network of dedicated colleagues.

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Rachael Amies - Queensland

 Rachael is a Graduate Traffic Engineer at Point8 Pty Ltd with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from the Queensland University of Technology. Since commencing as a Cadet Traffic Engineer at Point8, Rachael has developed a keen interest in transport modelling, traffic operations and the emerging field of autonomous vehicles. Rachael has worked on complex urban master plans, regional green field developments, detailed micro-simulation assessments and active transport planning.

Rachael’s final year thesis looked into the impact of introducing autonomous vehicles in a city environment focusing on whether the transition period (before all vehicles become autonomous) will affect travel time. Rachael presented her work at the AITPM QLD Half Day Modelling Seminar and FutureNet. Rachael has a keen interest in the industry and is looking forward to building a long career in transport by expanding her industry network and keeping up-to-date on the latest developments at the National Conference. In addition, she is looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of the AITPM QLD State Branch Committee and represent young professionals.

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Clements Chan - Victoria

 Clements is currently working as a Transport Analyst at Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC) having graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Astrophysics). After recognising the urgent need for transport attitude changes in Melbourne during his degree, Clements has decided to pursue a career in the transport industry.

During his time with VLC, Clements has assisted in numerous government projects where he was heavily involved with demographic processing and strategic transport modelling for different cities around Australia. Clements aims to understand the fundamental drivers behind transport behaviour as a Transport Analyst before using these skills to develop a career in Transport Planning.

Clements sees the 2018 AITPM National Conference as an invaluable learning opportunity where he is given the chance to meet many successful industry leaders. In particular, Clements is most interested in understanding how cities such as Melbourne could be transformed into a less private car dependent society. Clements recognises that the conference is an important cornerstone in his career and wishes to be inspired by young and experienced industry professionals alike.

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  • Delaware Khan – Point8, QLD
  • Navreet Virdi – Arup, NSW
  • Laura Aston – Monash Uni / Transport for Victoria, VIC
  • Ashlee Ferencz – AECOM, SA
  • John Samineeni Jesudoss – Arup, WA


  • Rachel Kohan – Cardno, NSW
  • Sharvari Bhuskute – Mott Macdonald, SA
  • Dylan Melsom – ARUP, WA
  • Michael Byrne – Monash University/ARRB Group, VIC
  • Tim Boxall – PSA Consulting (Australia), QLD


  • Daniel Kwon – Arup Pty Ltd, NSW
  • Matthew Matricciani – DPTI, SA
  • Claire Ashburn – Jacobs, WA
  • Alfred Chan – Monash University, VIC
  • Cameron Reid – Veitch Lister Consulting, QLD


  • Nan Chen – ARRB Group Ltd, NSW
  • Nicholas Firth – DPTI, SA
  • Philip Navin Lourdesamy – Curtin University, WA
  • Louisa Sorrentino – Veitch Lister Consulting, VIC
  • Thomas Thai – PSA Consulting, QLD